Special Events

Special Event Markets 2020

Each year we hold special event markets, teaming up with other organisations such as Hot Rod and Volkswagen clubs.  

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Good Friday 10 April 2020
Sun 3 May (to replace conflict with Anzac Day)
Queen's Birthday Mon 8 Jun 2020
Romans Hot Rod Sun 13 Sep 2020
Labour Day Weekend Sun 4 Oct 2020.

Kiama Makers & Growers and Romans Hot Rod Run
Kiama Makers & Growers and Romans Hot Rod Run

Every year Kiama Makers & Growers Market teams up with Romans Hot Rod's annual Kiama run. We have heaps of stalls and the Hot Rod people display their amazing array of souped-up and original vehicles. The date for 2019 Hot Rod event was Sunday 8 September, and in 2020 it will be on Sunday 13 September.

Kiama Makers & Growers have teamed up with Flat Four VW Sydney to bring a fun Vee Dub event to Kiama. Join us during our regular market on Saturday 26 October 2019 for market stalls and a plethora of Vee Dubs. Join us in 2020 on Saturday 24 October.